Releasing Music

Release Types

Limelight supports four distinct release types, each designed to accommodate the diverse needs of artists and their music portfolios:

  1. Single: A single track release.

  2. EP (Extended Play): A release containing more than one track but not enough to be considered an album (usually three to five tracks).

  3. Mixtape: A compilation of tracks, often used by artists to showcase their talents without the formalities of an official album release.

  4. Album: A collection of tracks released together as a single cohesive work.

Metadata Requirements

Each release type requires specific metadata to be provided. This metadata ensures that all necessary information about the track or collection is available for listeners, distributors, and platforms. Below are the metadata fields required for each release:

  • Track Title: The name of your song.

  • Genre: The primary genre of your track.

  • Subgenre: The secondary genre, if applicable.

  • Primary Artist: The main artist on the track. Ensure consistency in naming across all tracks in the release.

  • Featured Artists: Any other artists featured on the track. Use this field instead of including featured artists in the primary artist field.

  • Composer: The person(s) who wrote or contributed music to the song.

  • Publisher: The publisher representing the composer. Enter the composer's name again if there is no publisher.

  • Producers: The producer(s) credited on the track.

  • Additional Contributors: Any other individuals who worked on the track and should be credited.

  • ISRC: The International Standard Recording Code; a unique identifier for the track. If you do not have an ISRC, Limelight will provide one for free.

  • Explicit Content: Indicates whether the track contains explicit content according to Limelight’s guidelines.

  • Lyrics Language: The language of the sung lyrics.

  • Lyrics Publisher: The publisher representing the lyricist/lyrics contributor.

  • Composition Owner: The owner of the composition rights.

  • Year of Composition: The year the track was composed.

  • Master Recording Owner: The owner of the sound recording rights.

  • Year of Recording: The year the recording took place.

  • Release Language: The language of the release metadata. The release language must match the metadata language, even if distributing in a different country or territory.

Pricing and Availability

  • Total Amount Available: The total quantity of NFTs or digital assets available for this release.

  • Price in USDC: The price of each asset or track, denoted in USDC (a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar).

  • Ensure all metadata fields are accurately filled out before submission.

  • Review Limelight’s guidelines on explicit content to determine if your track should be marked as explicit.

  • If unsure about any metadata field, refer to Limelight’s detailed documentation or contact support for clarification.


Q: Can I release a track as both a Single and part of an Album? A: Yes, a track can be released as a Single and later included in an EP, Mixtape, or Album.

Q: What if I don’t have a Publisher or ISRC? A: If you do not have a Publisher, you can re-enter the Composer’s name. Limelight provides an ISRC for free if you do not have one.

Q: How do I determine the price for my release? A: Pricing can depend on several factors, including the demand for your music, the total amount available, and your desired earnings. Consider your fanbase and market trends when setting your price.

Q: Can I update the metadata after release? A: Certain metadata fields can be updated post-release, but key identifiers like ISRC should remain constant to ensure track traceability.

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