Limelight Music - The App

The Limelight music app introduces a novel approach to music discovery, leveraging the geographical location and outreach of artists to curate a unique discovery feed. This platform utilizes Artist NFTs, which include metadata for the artist's location (latitude/longitude), outreach, and radius, to personalize the music discovery experience for users. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its functionalities and operations:

Core Features

Location-Based Discovery

  • Artist NFT Geolocation: Each Artist NFT contains geolocation data representing the artist's base or area of influence. This data is crucial for the platform's location-based discovery feature.

  • Dynamic Discovery Feed: Users are presented with a discovery feed that showcases artists based on proximity to the user’s location, the artist's outreach, and other engagement metrics. This feed dynamically updates as users move or adjust their location preferences.

Artist Outreach and Radius

  • Outreach Metrics: An artist's outreach is determined by engagement metrics, including listens, likes, and shares within the Limelight app, as well as interactions with the Artist NFT.

  • Radius Expansion: As an artist's outreach grows, their discovery radius on the platform expands, allowing them to become discoverable by users in broader geographical areas. This mechanism rewards popular and engaging artists with increased visibility.

Discovery Feed Algorithm

  • Top Artists Ranking: The discovery feed algorithm ranks artists based on a combination of location proximity, outreach growth, engagement metrics, and the artist's radius of influence.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Beyond geographical factors, the feed also personalizes recommendations based on users' listening habits, preferences, and interactions with Artist NFTs.

Operational Mechanics

Querying Artist NFTs

  • The app queries Artist NFTs for metadata related to geolocation, outreach, and radius to compile the discovery feed. This process involves filtering and sorting NFTs based on the algorithm’s criteria for proximity and popularity.

User Interaction

  • Engagement with Artist NFTs: Users can interact directly with Artist NFTs from the discovery feed, including listening to tracks, viewing artwork, and accessing other embedded content.

  • Supporting Artists: The platform facilitates support for artists through LMLT token transactions, including tipping, purchasing content, or investing in fractional ownership of Artist NFTs.

Incentives and Growth

  • Artist Visibility: The platform’s model incentivizes artists to promote their presence on Limelight and engage with their audience to expand their radius of discovery.

  • User Engagement: Users are incentivized to explore and interact with new artists, contributing to the growth of artists' outreach and the vibrancy of the Limelight ecosystem.


The Limelight music app reimagines music discovery by integrating location-based functionality with blockchain technology, creating a unique and engaging experience for both artists and listeners. By prioritizing geographical relevance and artist outreach, Limelight facilitates a more personalized and interactive music ecosystem, where artists can grow their fanbase organically and listeners can discover new music rooted in their local scene or areas of interest.

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