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Bilal Khalid, CEO/CTO

Bilal is the lifeblood of Limelight Music Inc. A jack-of-all-trades, Bilal is responsible for overseeing the direction of the platform, driving growth and formulating the long-term strategy of Limelight. Growing up, Khalid struggled in school, but ironically, today his greatest strength is his curiosity and desire to learn.
Bilal is also the co-founder of, a media company that brings together artists’ music pages for millions of followers, e-commerce operations, and a blog with over 120,000 unique visitors every month.
Outside of Limelight, Bilal is the Lead Software Engineer at Solutions into Motion Ltd. With over 4 years of work experience at SIM, Bilal is skilled at full-stack software development, as well as DevOps practices. He continues to work with SIM in a consulting-like capacity, by completing projects for fixed payments and thus is generally able to focus his capacity on growing his venture, Limelight.
Bilal has built relationships with a variety of individuals in the music industry including marketing executives at Atlantic Records.

Yaseen Elgamudhi, COO

Yaseen has played an instrumental role in developing Limelight’s company policies, monitoring compliance, and overseeing projects and budgets. He is the engine that enables Bilal’s vision to be realized, by undertaking and greatly aiding in achieving the company’s business objectives, promoting efficiency and increasing profitability.
Yaseen co-owns @DailyRapFacts and @RapAccess on Instagram and Twitter, a network of over 1,000,000 followers. He has also been involved in two start-ups as a legal aid and operations coordinator (Curiato Inc. and Innvato Inc.).

Elijah Cavan, CIO

Elijah serves as the Chief Information Officer and Data Scientist of Limelight. He is responsible for data-driven problem solving and algorithmic decisions. Cavan graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc. Mathematical Physics with a specialization in astrophysics, and graduated in 2019 from the University of Wilfrid Laurier with an MSc. Mathematics under the field of Dynamical Systems. Elijah is an author of four published papers.
After he graduated, Elijah worked for 4 months as a high school teacher at Blyth University, where he taught upper year Science and Math courses. He then decided to pivot his career and focus more on data science and statistics. He accepted a job with Loblaws Companies Limited in 2020 as a Data Analyst.