Proof of Concept: Ozy

Ozy is an independent artist from Ontario, Canada.
The concept of Limelight has been validated by successful creators on the platform who have experienced both in and out of Limelight. Ozy, an artist from Hamilton, Ontario, is one of the top musicians on the platform. Prior to Limelight, Ozy was not receiving a considerable amount of fan engagement, with his top track on Spotify reaching a low number of 600 streams at the time. With the upload of "Mary Monroe Freestyle" on Limelight, Ozy's entire music career was able to evolve into more successful figures. Dominating the Limelight top charts for several months, his fans on Youtube started leaving comments on his music videos to claim their discovery of him was through our platform, Ozy was able to earn over 200,000 streams on Spotify by the end of 2020 (but how long had he been using limelight? Or does it matter.. I as the reader feel curious and that it matters), which he also earned revenue from. Limelight is hidden behind the success of his Spotify Yearly Wrapped results that he proudly shared on Instagram, taking a huge stride from prior years
Ozy's Spotify Profile
Ozy is just one of the many artists rooting for the success of limelight as, for the first time ever, the benefits of an artist’s service greatly outweighed the costs, while also allowing for 100% retention of the ownership of his music. This platform has the potential to change the entire music industry forever, which is why we have been currently building the platform again from scratch, in which we will have new features to target various needs, combining it into a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all artists. Witnessing the success of artists on major streaming platforms exemplifies a clear opportunity of fair/uniform/even digital distribution that has been implemented into Limelight, making it all the more attractive for creators to use to try and jumpstart their career. This is just the beginning.